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About us
There’s nothing like a reliable, all-purpose handy man to do home improvement.  While it might seem simple at first, there are many different parts to the job, and a good contractor has to know how to do all of them.  This is why people have to undergo a lot of training for these kinds of roles.

If you're interested in remodeling, you may just want a new look for your house.  This could be an extra room, or the remodeling of an existing one.  Many people like having wooden floors, or refurnished kitchens.

This is why it's important to get a good home builder who can help you through the process.  These individuals have the training that they need to do the job quickly and efficiently.

There are jobs that you could try and handle on your own, like painting.  Still, these tasks can be very time-consuming.  Hiring an expert may be the most convenient option, especially when it comes to repairs.

Here at North Star Home Improvement, we’re proud to offer our expertise.  We’ll always be happy to help fix or improve houses in the Manassas, VA, area.